Lorraine Ager

ASA 1 & 2 FIOS Adult and Child Instructor

Lorraine has classes for children of all ages and abilities. She loves to swim and was a member of the Ipswich Swimming Club for many years.Lorraine thinks that lessons should be fun & enjoyable! She has lessons on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for Pre-school and after school lessons.

Sandy Page

ASA Level 1 & 2 FIOS

Sandy is great with the children and is a keen synchronised swimmer. Sandy will be working on a Tuesday Evening and Sunday morning at Clopton.

Ann Minter

ASA Level 1 & 2 FIOS

Ann teaches on a Monday Thursday and Friday at Clopton. Ann is an inspiring teacher who encourages the children to push their learning through self discovery (with expert guidance)! Children don’t forget your splashy toes and your listening ears!