There are many benefits to taking your baby swimming. Not only is it a fun and rewarding activity, it’s also a great way to exercise and teach an extremely valuable life skill, and it’s also one of the best ways of spending some fun, quality time together. Mums and Dads can burn up to 300 calories too. The list of general wellbeing, developmental and health benefits is long but here are a few of what we think are the best.

  • Swimming and being in water helps improve co-ordination and balance. For example, it has been found that babies who swim have much better balance and can grasp objects more easily.
  • This is about the only time in the week without your phone and numerous daily interruptions. Spend a quality 30 minutes with your baby and enjoying a little bonding session!
  • It give your little ones ‘muscles’ ! Well not exactly, but free movement in the water and water-resistance means that babies exercise more muscles, more effectively, in water.
  • Lets get physical..! It’s a great all round baby workout. Swimming from birth is fantastic for your baby’s general health & development. Swimming strengthens your baby’s heart and lungs and in turn helps development of the brain. Watch those Rapid Development of Synapses!
  • Parents often can transfer their fear of water onto their children. Having babies in the water with understanding teachers helps prevent you transferring a fear of water developing onto your children. Babies are born with only two fears, falling and loud noises, swimming we promise is not one of them. If introduced carefully and correctly the love of swimming will last a lifetime.

Many of our parents feel that along with gentle exercise and warm water it helps their babies to sleep better and stimulates their appetites too. Have a warm bottle or snack ready for after your dip – swimming makes babies hungry!

A good way to start off a child’s love of water is by making bath times fun. This helps to get your baby used to water and building his confidence for baby swimming. Gently splash water over their body or use toy watering cans to gentle sprinkle water over their faces. While laying lay him on his back support him gently and move him through the water, with lots of eye contact and smiles. Use bath toys, and sing songs to help your baby relax and enjoy the water. These will also act as reassuring prompts when you come along to the pool for the first time together.

Swimming can be started at any age. Whether you decide to go to a public pool or to have lessons both are an excellent way to help develop your baby’s/child’s physical abilities in a safe, controlled environment.

Water safety is at the forefront of all of our lessons. Sadly drowning is the third-biggest cause of accidental death among children under five in the UK.

We teach the children to jump in and turn around to get to the side, hold on and climb out. This simple routine (often sung to Zoom Zoom Zoom!) could save their life one day. We think its vital to teach safety techniques from very early on.

Songs to encourage movement and confidence in the water;

  • Wheels on the Bus – Arms and legs splash kick etc.

  • Its raining its pouring – Encourages water over the face

  • This is the way …‘we wash our face’‘kick our legs’, splash our hands’ etc! -Movement and water confidence.

  • Humpty Dumpty – Jumping in safely.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little star – Floating

After being a swimming teacher for ten years, my only regret is that I never knew the advantages of baby and toddler swimming for my own two children. My grand children though will have the best ever presents possible…swimming lessons from day 1..!Give swimming lessons a try I promise you won’t regret it. Come on in the water is lovely!

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